Official Yogi

So, again it’s been very busy. I’m trying to think back from when I last wrote.

Since I wrote last, we had been cramming a lot of training into our last few days. We each had to teach our own class and take our final test, which was long! But I did, and now I’m officially a certified yoga instructor! Woohoo! Yoga has become a lot different in my eyes- I have gone from one who is “doing”yoga to one who is “being” yoga, which basically means that you take your practice with you off of the mat. You take the focus, mind control, breath, loving thoughts into your everyday life. Live Aloha (as they say here). Which is something I will continue to do and practice wherever I go- so if you still hear me say aloha to you years from now, know that is the reason, as a reminder to myself.

Anyways, On our last day together, the yoga crew went to a secret local waterfall and went swimming, which was absolutely beautiful. The water was cold and the falls were so powerful, and then we came home and did our graduation ceremony.

The next days to follow, the girls slowly began to leave and make their way back to their hometowns. A few of us went to wailea, and we celebrated with a day at the beach at grand wailea hotel- not really my scene, but was still fun. We’re putting a spoof video together called stuff raw foodies say, as our time here was completely raw food (well 90%) and some of the things you here a raw food chef say are just funny.

The next day, we were down to just 2 of us gals (leora and I). We went to lahaina and took a sailing trip to lanaai. It was great. as we were sailing, a pod of spinner dolphins swam by; there must have been 50 of them! most AMAZING! We then went snorkeling and hung out in lanaai for a few hours. Then, on the way back, the captain let us jump out and swim in the bluest water- you just open your eyes and see royal blue!

Now it’s just me… Felt lonely at first, but, that part went away. It actually is really fulfilling to be here by myself. Its come full circle. i went to Iao valley, then explores kihei, and found this great home to stay at in lahaina and has a very homey feel- its right on the beach and a few other girls from France and Italy are staying there.

Right now, I just came across this spot in kapalua where there is a great trail along the water and I am sitting and writing to you now on this rocky cliff. I now plan to do some thinking…








1 thought on “Official Yogi

  1. Marsha Norris

    Congratulations, Andrea!! I am so happy for you! You sound so upbeat and positive these days- it’s just wonderful to “hear” the joy in your words. I know you thought this would be a life changing experience and I am so happy it has been so very positive for you.

    Miss you! Looking forward to seeing you soon ! Marsha

    Sent from my iPad


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