Had quite an unusual experience today…. I think I may be losing some of you at this point with my out-there stories, but it’s a part of my physical healing process, so as crazy as it may sound to you,its legit to me, and still going to share it with you.

I do reiki work, so I’m a firm believer in energy work, but not everyone does, and that’s ok, so you don’t have to read this if you don’t want. Anyway, there is an ancient healer here in Maui who uses hyperdimentional etheric healing. What is that you are probably asking… Well, I shared a picture of the pamphlet if you care to read about it, but basically deals with ones energy fields, and gets rid of negative energy/entities that have attached to you and created illnesses. He also uses magnets ( also a Chinese medicine technique) to help pull energy where it needs to go and promote healing.

The whole experience felt very serendipitous to me. In a way, I felt as though I was partly led to Maui for this very reason. Angel ( housemate) came home on Tuesday, having just come back from seeing him. She had staff infection on her foot, and he did a healing with her. Its already clearing up. she mentioned he does healings on Tuesdays and Thursdays- all donation based. I really wanted to go, but it’s hard to get a ride when you want as we are dependent on housemates for a car, and they aren’t always around. Well, today, a friend of housemate randomly stopped by and said he was going to see Raj Agni (healer), and asked if anyone wanted to go- i jumped at the chance. So, we drove way up into the mountains; kinda felt like my version of climbing the Himalayas seeking the truth. Anyway, you sit in a chair under this geometric pyramid that spins, creating an energy vortex,and he scans your different auras. he told me i had 11 entities attached to me, then he scans for where they entered and saw that it was from my right shoulder blade. If you are still with me, he then scanned my body for physical healing abilities, emotional health, happiness. He was very accurate and He knew the area in my body that I was having difficulty with, without me saying. he used magnets… I felt the energy moving- it was crazy! He then uses the vortex to further healing and seals the body from allowing negative energies to permeate the aura. I physically felt pressure in my head for the next couple hours and also had a purging of some emotions.

Just wanted to share that…




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